Game Rules
In the land where killing and dying is inevitable, punishment is just and swift. Arm yourself with the rules and regulations, as long as you intend to keep logging in and interacting with others, abide by them for there are only three chances before your IP can no longer log in. Ignorance of the rules is more likely to get you banned ... so never say you were ignorant. The rules and regulations hereby are as follows.

Offensive language:
Words have a lot of power; use them thoughtfully, and carefully. Offensive language includes, but is not limited to: profanity, excessive swearing, sexual references, perverted references, racism, illegal drug references and just being a total jerk.
The offensive language rule explicitly applies to mostly in-game public places, but the atmosphere within Anbu HQs and Clans, are to be controlled by the leaders. While for private messages, it should be between both parties ... until the staff gets wind of it.

For going against the "Offensive language" rule, there'll be a maximum of two (2) warnings after which, there'll be a 2 - day ban from being able to post. Repeat offenders will get a 2 - day, total access ban! >_> any further actions in like manner goes without saying that the player in question no longer intends to be part of the community and the staff will act accordingly.

Offensive language within usernames are also subject to be deleted on sight (no mercy will be shown). Consciously making an offensive username is against the rules and will not be tolerated.

Users warned for their "Shinobi Densetsu" contents are obligated to remove that section, failure to comply within 24 hours, will result in a 3 - day ban.

Staff: Impersonation, position inquiry
There is a "staff" section, where the usernames of the staff members can be found, this way, no one can be silly enough to give out confidential information or be bullied by someone who claims to be a staff. Also note that the staff will never ask for your password or things that only you would know. Notwithstanding, anyone found impersonating a staff member will have their account deleted and their IP blocked forever!

Inquiring for a staff position at inappropriate places warrants a ban. In the advent of a need for a staff, a place would be set for applications to be sent in.


For innovators who like exploring, discovering a glitch in the games code and reporting it earns you 50 Gaiden points (assuming it's a valid bug, reproduceable and a first report of its kind). Measures will then be taken to correct the error(s) in the coding. However, exploiting the glitches is unacceptable, there is only 1 befitting punishment and that's deleting guilty account. Withholding information of a glitch will need some investigation ... but still result in deletion of guilty account, threatening to hack the site warrants a 7 - ban (gives you time to plan your attack reasonably). Inquiry as to "how to hack" warrants a 3 - ban for being an accomplice.

Accounts: Ownership, sharing, selling/give aways,
Due to cyberspace constraints, each user is allowed only one (1) account. Any efforts taken to bypass this rule will be punished harshly. All accounts in question will be permanently banned.

Account sharing is illegal. But it is understandable if you ask a friend, family member or dog to log on and train for you because you were out walking your cat. However, you should take note that what ever said character does with your account is your sole responsibility, and if they warranted a ban, it will not be lifted (but may be extended)

Selling and giving away accounts is forbidden, inquiring into account trade is also as forbidden. Both parties in question will be banned, and the account of for trade will be deleted.

The main language to be used in public places is the English language. Shinobi Densetsu is not an "educational" institution; so even though proper English is encouraged, as long as you can effectively communicate in English, whether raped or not, it's not a major issue.

Try by all means to avoid bans because bans are definitive. They may not be revoked, but a review would be granted if necessary. However, creating a ruckus over a ban will result in getting the ban extended, or if ban has expired, getting a new one. You can use your alt to plead your case ONLY to the head of the moderators, or you might as well keep quiet. Note, you are banned as a person, not as the character.

Spamming public places
Public places are supposed to be a user friendly area where the players change exchange opinions, information and ideas. Keeping these places that way is the top priority of the Shinobi Densetsu staff. Anyone guilty of violating the peace and sanctity of these places shall be warned at a maximum of 3 times. If the offender fails to comply, they are liable to receive 3 day long ban.

Posts that are also considered spam, contain:
- Excessive caps.
- Excessive bold/italic/underline
- Large nonsensical posts that stretch the tavern

Though harassment in essence entails a wide variety of offensive behavior, on Shinobi Densetsu, we are going to observe it as the following;

Continually bothering another player over a topic or related issues in either the private message system, the tavern or forum.

Trolling; this is the act of purposefully antagonizing other people either in the tavern, or forum boards by unleashing a series of cynical or sarcastic remarks as a result of something that happened or was posted.

If proof of any of the above (note; attacking and defeating someone continuously does not amount to harassment in this game).

.................................... . .

The rules are general, but case-by-case interpretations of the rules may vary depending on the situation and are within the jurisdiction of the moderating staff and are not set in stone. Scenarios and consequences include, but are not limited to, those listed above. If you disagree with a moderator's handling of a situation, alert a Head Mod or Admin; it is not and never will be an excuse for inappropriate conduct or rudeness on your part.